Exploratory Grants

In 2016, the Memorial Fund made 51 awards to nonprofits working to achieve equity in education in Connecticut through a variety of approaches, including: dialogue, advocacy, theatre, organizing, data analysis, teacher training, and curriculum development. Grantees are listed on the Grantees page.

In 2017 we will work to support these projects and engage with the grantees in a learning process. As part of the learning process, grantees will be invited to bring their own questions and to reflect with us on our current questions:

  1. What is already going on in Connecticut that is bringing people together around equity in education? What are they learning about what works… what inspires… what moves us to action?
  2. What are the particular challenges of improving equity in education in Connecticut?
  3. How do we bridge across current social divides about racism and poverty… through civic dialogue… the arts… social media… other avenues?
  4. How do we change the culture in education in ways that move us towards equity?
  5. In what ways are we, the Memorial Fund, promoting equity and in what ways are we perpetuating inequity?

The learning process and support for grantees will be provided through convening, capacity building, and training.