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Parents of Young Children: Their Perception of Teacher Quality and Access to Quality Care

April 2014 This report outlines the findings of a research partnership between the Memorial Fund, Western Connecticut State University, Danbury Children First, and a group of Danbury parents to understanding parents perceptions about early childhood education. The study looked at how parent perceptions and concerns with early childhood care and influenced parent access and decision-making about early childhood education.

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The Discovery Timeline: An Overview

April 2014 This article describes the evolution of the Discovery Timeline, a web-based tool that provides information about Discovery history, events, and decisions.

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Investigating Processes Through Which Families, Schools, and Communities Can Collaborate to Promote Social and Emotional Skill Developmentf

February 2014 This report looks at the concepts and practices of social and emotional development, the importance of promoting social and emotional skill development in early childhood, and the role of parents and community members in this development. Stamford parents and community members, as well as community leaders from Stamford, Danbury, Norwalk, Bridgeport and Greenwich, participated in discussion groups as part of this process. The goal was to develop a shared language among schools, families, and communities regarding social and emotional development in early childhood and share the learning derived from parent discussion groups with Discovery communities.

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Discovery Evaluation Reports

Discovery Evaluation Reports and Overview

August 2011 The Center for Assessment and Policy Development (CAPD) was funded by the Memorial Fund to evaluate the Discovery Initiative and determine the extent to which Discovery’s goals are met. CAPD worked with On Point Consulting on this project, which began in 2004 and concluded in mid 2011. This link will take you to the Discovery Evaluation description and reports on the Discovery website.

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The Discovery Initiative: A Documentation of the Early Stages

June 2005 Findings from the Documentation Study conducted by OMG Center for Collaborative Learning in the fall of 2002.

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Historical Documents

The Children First Initiative: A Community and Parent Engagement Strategy In Connecticut

September 2004 This manual provides ideas, methods and background information on strategies that have been successful in promoting children's readiness to learn and early school success in the seven Children First Initiative communities.

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Parents at the Center: A Guide to Parent Inclusion, Engagement and Leadership

February 2004 A handbook compiled by Sally Leiderman from the Center for Assessment and Policy Development to document the important lessons distilled from the Children First Initiative experiences.

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Sharing a Vision for Young Children: A Guide to Community Collaboration

January 2004 Developed by the Memorial Fund, this guide offers a framework for collaboration at the community level and questions to track and reflect on the process, implementation and results of collaboration.

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