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The Future Project - New Haven   2016
The Future Project is a national movement to reimagine education, one dream at a time. They believe that all students can be Dreamers -- people with the confidence and skills to put their dreams into action. By sending full-time Dream Directors into high schools, they empower these students to pursue their passions and dreams. It's the creativity and leadership of the students themselves that transform their schools into more vibrant and innovative places to learn.


Exploratory Grants: Inspiring School Equity
The New Haven Possibility Lab$74,479

The New Haven Possibility Lab is an ecosystem of resources and programs that together extend their model beyond seven schools to engage and empower every young person in New Haven. The Possibility Lab will encompass three core Possibility Pillars: (1)Building a district-wide student leadership network in New Haven Public Schools through a city-wide Future Council, a network of stipended Future Corps, and integrated Future Summits; (2) Enhancing district, community, and parent engagement through parent, community, and district programming; and (3) Hosting two community events to engage partner nonprofits in the arts and education.