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The Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut, Inc.   2010   2008   2005   2004
The goal of the Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut (CHDI) is to ensure that all children in Connecticut have access to and benefit from a comprehensive, effective, community-based health and mental health care system.


Discovery Statewide/Regional
Health Funding Partnership$200,000

CHDI will support Option 1 Discovery communities for both years 1 and 2 at $100,000 per year (April 2010-March 2012). The Children's Fund of Connecticut, a public charitable foundation of which CHDI is a subsidiary, will match the $200,000 grant. The money will be used to support the health components in the community plans.


Discovery Community
Community Planning Partnership Health Addendum$72,000

(Collaborative Agent: The Child Health and Development Institute of Connecticut, Inc.) Support to integrate a health component into the local partnership grants.


Discovery Statewide/Regional
Early Childhood DataCONNections Project$25,000

The Early Childhood DataCONNections Project, which is a resource library of early childhood data/ information, received bridge funding for the current state fiscal year and assistance in finding a permanent home for this project.


Discovery Statewide/Regional
Caring for Connecticut's Children' Volume II - Child Development$10,000

To help fund the printing of a handbook for parents and caregivers, 'Caring for Connecticut's Children , Volume II Child Development.'

Director's Discretionary Fund
Caring for Connecticut's Children: A Handbook for Parents and Caregivers of Young Children$5,000