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Telling Our Story   2016
Telling Our Story (TOS) is a history-focused after school program that guides young black Americans on the path to discovering that like their courageous ancestors, they have the full ability to be powerful agents and organizers of social change. TOS gives young black Americans the language and the confidence to powerfully address everyday racial slights, initiate dialogue that advances racial equity, and to work toward dismantling systemic injustice.


Exploratory Grants: Inspiring School Equity
Telling Our Story, New Haven$75,000

(Collaborative Agent: Community Mediation) Telling Our Story will launch their history-focused after school program in two schools or community centers, one in New Haven and one in Hamden. The curriculum, based on the Inquiry Arc of the C3 Social Studies State Standards, encourages teachers to act as guides instead of experts so that students hone their research and thinking processes as they explore topics that interest them. Through their work, young Black American students in these schools will be guided on a path to discovering their own power and unique voice.

Exploratory Grants: Advocates Inspiring Equity
Telling Our Story: Social Media Campaign$25,000

(Collaborative Agent: Community Mediation) Telling Our Story will implement a Social Media Campaign that operates in tandem with the history-based Telling Our Story curriculum to help build Telling Our Story and engage New Haven and Hamden youth in an online dialogue for social justice. Students will construct the website, create a newsletter, learn to edit blogs, posts, poetry and articles, and have a monthly open mic “Speaking Out Story.”