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Southern Connecticut State University Foundation   2013   2012   2011
Southern Connecticut State University (SCSU) is a full-service state university.


Knowledge Development
Targeted Assessment of Foundation Contribution$40,000

Using a collaborative approach, the initiative seeks to support organizational learning, growth, capacity building and core work by engaging deeply with data related to the Memorial Fund?s work. This approach seeks to identify effective processes for exploring key questions related to the core work.


Knowledge Development
Targeted Assessment of Foundation Contribution$33,000

The goals for the 2013 assessment are to incorporate those processes and analyses in a way that can be sustained over time. Emphasis will be on complementing internal grant data collection with analysis processes, including network mapping and geographic representation of the data in a way that helps staff to process and use the information.


Discovery Statewide/Regional
Targeted Assessment of Foundation Contribution$30,000

In this first year of Targeted Assessment of Foundation Contribution activities, the PI and her research team will work with the Memorial Fund’s knowledge development officer to co-design and implement the “organization-wide approach to assessing foundation investment and to handle targeted external data collection and independent analysis.”