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Sheff Movement Coalition   2016
The Sheff Movement is a coalition of parents, students, educators, and community members working to expand awareness about Connecticut’s successful voluntary, two-way interdistrict school integration programs and promote improvement and expansion of these programs. Our ultimate goal is to promote quality, integrated education for all children. We do this primarily through outreach, advocacy, and community building activities.


Exploratory Grants: Inspiring School Equity
Fulfilling the Dream of Sheff: Envisioning the Next Generation of Implementation$75,000

(Collaborative Agent: Poverty Race and Research Action Council) The Sheff Movement Coalition is engaged in a multi-faceted community engagement plan that aims to situate our region’s integration efforts within a constellation of reform efforts, and to inspire innovation, alignment, and collaboration. They have engaged in a large scale information gathering process and hosted a community wide “design challenge” event to promote meaningful public discourse and engagement around quality integrated education. The Memorial Fund will be providing support to invest in at least three follow-up efforts, identified collectively by coalition members, centered around what they have learned through the previous work.