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Middlesex Coalition - Middletown Racial Justice Coalition   2016
The Middlesex Coalition for Children’s mission is to improve the lives of children growing up in Middletown and Middlesex County. The Coalition holds public meetings monthly on issues important to children. It convenes task forces to mobilize and coordinate community efforts to address specific children’s issues, and advocates for children at the local, state and national levels.


Exploratory Grants: Advocates Inspiring Equity
Middletown Racial Justice Coalition: Institutional Racism in Education Workgroup$25,000

The Middletown Racial Justice Coalition (MRJC) will democratically decide the specific action steps that will increase awareness of the effects of racism on residents (such as educational campaigns and community conversations), increase ability in using an equity lens through training, and engage more parents in Coalition efforts. The advocacy efforts will focus on school policies and practices that perpetuate inequity.