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Junta for Progressive Action   2016
JUNTA empowers the Latino and low-income community to take control of their economic and social well being, while civically engaging in the community. They promote a culture of community involvement and advocacy through our programs and initiatives. They offer adult education, children’s programs, economic development, family management, immigrant rights and cultural appreciation.


Exploratory Grants: Advocates Inspiring Equity
Social Justice Through Art$25,000

Junta for Progressive Action will expand their Youth Action Committee work in order to empower young immigrants to work toward social and political change. They will develop a curriculum centered on storytelling as a tool to organize and build movements, helping youth to understand systems of oppression as well as race, power dynamics, poverty, gender, and sexuality. The students will develop performance pieces that focus on the “stories of self,” the “story of us,” and “the story of now.” The performance is meant to lead to a youth-driven dialogue within the community on the issues they experience in their own lives.