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Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition for Equity and Justice   2005   2004   2003
The Greater Hartford Interfaith Coalition is committed to addressing social, economic, and racial injustice in the region.


Discovery Statewide/Regional
Educational Equity and Excellence Community Organizing Project$45,000

The project engages parents, community leaders, public officials and members of the faith community in ensuring that magnet schools are accountable to the community and developed within the highest quality as mandated by the Sheff V. O'Neill decision.


Discovery Statewide/Regional
Broaden community support and engagement$25,000

The agency received support to assist in hiring a full time staff person to initiate and implement a community engagement strategy to further advance access to high quality pre-kindergarten education.


Discovery Discretionary Fund
Public Education Reform$5,000
Director's Discretionary Fund
Public Education Reform$5,000