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Domus Kids, Inc.   2016
Domus is a human services nonprofit which opened in 1972 and serves more than 1,100 of the most struggling youth in Stamford and New Haven, CT. Young people come to us with many challenges; most are living in abject poverty, have had involvement in the criminal justice system, and have experienced homelessness, neglect, abuse, academic failure, and chronic untreated healthcare issues. Our overarching goal is to create the conditions necessary for them to get on a path toward health and opportunity so they can succeed in school and ultimately lead satisfying and productive lives.


Exploratory Grants: Inspiring School Equity
New Multicultural 8th and 10th Grade American History Curriculum for Readers at All Literacy Levels$75,000

They will create a new Multicultural American History curriculum that sees the history of our country through the eyes of people of color. The curriculum will be designed for 8th and 10th grade alternative school students who tend to face literacy challenges. It will offer a range of reading materials to accommodate readers of various skill levels ranging from 3rd through 12th grade.