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CAHS/ Parent Power   2015
CT Parent Power is a statewide parent-led organization committed to engaging, educating and mobilizing parents to take action on children's issues and engage in solution-based strategies. Parent Power envisions that parent voice will influence public policy decisions locally and statewide that affect the lives of children/youth and families.


Discovery Statewide/Regional
Parent/Pupil Advocacy Journey: Voices 2B Heard$100,000

(Collaborative Agent: Connecticut Association of Human Services) 1. Develop stronger relationships with Discovery collaboratives, partners and communities across the state. 2. Help families to use their stories as data to inform other organizations’ and partners’ strategies. 3. Provide training to support parents to navigate the early care and education system and develop leadership skills. 4. Support actively engaged parents to work with superintendents, teachers and students in all levels of the decision-making process in order to strengthen Connecticut’s educational policies and practices, Pre-K to grade 12. 5. Educate administrators, policymakers, and state and municipal leaders about the importance of engaging with and listening to parents/pupils to make informed decisions through one-on-one meetings, local forums and state-level advocacy 6. Add new components to its work with families to use their stories to confront exclusion and bias. Parents will share their stories with principals, mayors and others in power to promote change. 7. Facilitate conversations and community forums with parents to surface their challenges. CTPP will help parents to develop solutions and support their implementation.