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CAHS/ Early Childhood Alliance   2015
The Connecticut Early Childhood Alliance, founded in 2002, is a statewide network of more than 100 organizations that provides information, discussion, and advocacy on issues impacting children ages birth to eight.


Discovery Statewide/Regional
CT Early Childhood Alliance Core and Communications Support$200,000

(Collaborative Agent: Connecticut Association of Human Services) 1. Convene, unite and mobilize early childhood stakeholders in the effort to build an effective system that connects families with high-quality early care and education services. 2. Advocate for the components of a coordinated, high-quality early care system 3. Build financial support and an organization that can be both effective and sustainable. 4. Gain a better understanding of how racism, inequity and poverty impact the early childhood issues they work on by: 5. Identify research and information highlighting issues of racism, inequity and poverty as it relates to their policy work and share it through their network. 6. Incorporate disparities information into policy proposals and communications. 7. Create a development plan that can be implemented by staff and volunteers