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Bridge to Success Cradle to Career Partnership   2016
The Bridge to Success cradle to career partnership (BTS) of over 200 community members representing parents, youth, the community and 93 public and private organizations have come together to ensure Waterbury youth succeed in school, work and life. The BTS backbone helps build community capacity, establish strategic direction, and implement programs, initiatives and system changes to ensure all Waterbury youth succeed.


Exploratory Grants: Inspiring School Equity
Resource Rich Schools Support Equity in Outcomes$72,720

(Collaborative Agent: United Way of Greater Waterbury) Bridge to Success will integrate enrichment programs and services, based on need, into four PreK-8 schools in Waterbury. They will inventory internal and external services, programs and activities at schools, using the BOOST database developed by New Haven. Five steps will ensure the city’s children have the resources they require to achieve school success: (1) Know what you have: resource mapping of their community; (2) Know what you need: gap analysis of the data and disparities in academic performance, absenteeism, and school discipline; (3) Know what’s in the community: 93 community partners will provide enrichment activities through the expansion of programs or integrating resources that exist in the community; (4) Get connected: continue to build relationships; (5) Measure impact by identifying process and outcome changes.

Exploratory Grants: Advocates Inspiring Equity
Advocates Inspiring Equity$10,000

(Collaborative Agent: United Way of Greater Waterbury) Support to pursue their equity agenda.