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Benjamin Jepson Magnet School   2004   2003   2002   2001
Benjamin Jepson Magnet School, part of New Haven School District, offers classes for students in pre-kindergarten through eighth grade.


Corinne Levin Fund
Biodiversity Study$700

The Biodiversity study will provide two different day-trips for 4th graders from an urban setting to experience the natural environment through interactive field activities.


Corinne Levin Fund
Weather Watch overnight at the Science Center$750

Funding for an overnight trip to the Science Center in West Hartford to take part in the Weather Watch program.


Corinne Levin Fund
Jepson Forest Classroom Program$1,000

Support to provide a two day outdoor nature program for 110 children in grades 2-4.


Corinne Levin Fund
Benjamin Jepson Parent Handbook$500

Seeking funding to publish a parent handbook.